Indonesian Professionals Association in South Korea (IPA KR) represents a diverse group of talented Indonesian future leaders who are carving out their careers in South Korea

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Indonesia Career Day 2024

Indonesia Career Day (ICD) is the biggest job fair for Indonesian in South Korea held by the Indonesia Professional Association (IPA) in South Korea. Based on the desire to facilitate the delivery of information in the current era, this activity aims to provide information to Indonesian young talents regarding job opportunities available in South Korea and Indonesia after completing their studies. The target participants of this activity are Indonesian students and Indonesian job seekers but not limited to any parties who are interested in expanding their career either in South Korea or Indonesia and the industries which need foreign talents to diversify their human resources.


To become a go-to-community organization for Indonesian professionals in South Korea who are passionate about developing themselves while staying connected and/or looking to contribute to Indonesia, despite being based abroad


Foster business, investment, and social links between South Korea and Indonesia through a strong professional hub of future leaders


Give back to Indonesian community through dedicated mentorship program, connecting professionals with students to help transition from academics to workforce


Host various social gatherings and events to cultivate stronger network within Indonesian professionals community

Meet The Leaders

Share career development experiences through a series of events hosting Indonesian professionals and/or industry leaders from different industries in South Korea

Knowledge Shares

Provide platform to initiate discussions and exchange knowledge on personal development topics relevant to professionals in South Korea (e.g., contract, salary negotiation)

Constructive Committee

IPA KR aims to become a go-to community for Indonesian professionals for developing careers in South Korea while staying connected to Indonesia

Rahmadio Catur Putra

Executive Director

Adytia Mahendra

Deputy Executive Director

Vicki Ardiansah

Operational Director

Primawan Satrio Bindono

Career & Communication Director

Yoshima Syach Putri

IT & Media Director

Ina Nur Istiqomah

Human Resource Manager

Yasmine Citra Dian Utami

Finance Ops Manager

Salim Eka Tresnawati

Secretariat Manager

Khilda V Herlambang

Event Manager

Frans Prathama

Program Manager

Hyacinta Louisa Tresnaki

Mentorship Manager

James Edward Angelo

Community Relations Manager

Jonatan Martino Windi Saputro

Public Relations Manager

Asaf Zebulon

IT Manager

Muhammad Iftikar

Data Analytics Manager

Kezia Odelia

Creative Design Manager

Rendy Aprilianto Prasetyo

Content & Media Manager

Established in 2021, IPA KR represents a growing group of 100+ Indonesian professionals building careers in South Korea across 10 industries with diverse roles

Industry Distribution (Aug 2022)


Information Technology




Media & Entertainment


Industrial & Engineering


Beauty and Medical


Health & Pharma